The New Minority

Not long ago I was searching online around to find other like-minded professionals with whom I hoped to commisserate and share perspectives on a number of topics.  I found sites dedicated to a myriad of groups representing interests that ranged from atheism to ziplining.

What I could not find, and still have not, is a goup that appeals to my basic sensibilities. The irony here is that I am considered a part of the majority in this country.  So, as I am often wont to do, I started looking at numbers.  The table below represents the results of this analysis. Since this is just a snapshot to make a point and not an hypothesis in search of a proof I will not do the hard work of citing sources, etc.  The data is easily found though.

So with this snapshot as a fairly good depiction of my status in America, I know now that in all of America, there are only 10,000 other men like me – barely 3 thousandths of one percent!  So why do people refer to “people like me” as the majority?  After all, if I can be considered a part of the majority, then aren’t all Gays part of the majority group “Americans”?  Aren’t all African American females part of the majority group of “women”?

As you can see in the chart below, I started with the total US population and kept whittling it down by each category.  I can post my approach separately if requested, but it is relatively eash to replicate once you catch the patter going down the list.

So why is my status as a straight white male always portrayed in the broadest possible terms, while protected classes and other minority groups represented in the most exclusive terms?  This is a rhetorical question – to wt:

Question of the day – How do you define “minority”?  Do you consider yourself a member of a minority group?

Disclaimer:  I did not take into account sampling errors, the overlap between categories, and how each category was comprised from the original source.  Do your own homework. The data came from good and easy sources with a quick search.

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